Group Visits

Group Visits

Welcome to the Bridging the Tamar Visitor and Learning Centre

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Plan your group visit to find out all about the Tamar Estuary’s historic bridges, the 20th century Tamar Bridge and Isambard Kingdom Brunel’s iconic 19th century Royal Albert Bridge.

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The Bridging the Tamar Learning Centre is situated at the foot of the iconic Royal Albert and Tamar Bridges.

There is a free exhibition space exploring the history and heritage of the Royal Albert Bridge which was designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, and the Tamar road Bridge, both of which are brought to life through interactive exhibitions, models, and stories.

We offer groups guided tours of the Tamar and Royal Albert Bridges. These are delivered by our volunteer Bridge Guides and should be booked in advance. We can tailor them to suit your particular interest so please get in touch by contacting Mark Tebbs on 01752 361577 or

Please wear appropriate footwear and bring a warm waterproof jacket. Our tour takes place on the Tamar Bridge which affords views across to the Royal Albert Bridge (please note there is no physical access onto the Royal Albert Bridge as it is an operational line owned and operated by Network Rail).

Please note due to the capacity of the centre if a large coach turns up on the day we may not be able to accommodate you – we recommend booking in advance.

Finding us

Pemros Road, St Budeaux, Plymouth, PL5 1LP

Information For coaches

Coaches can drop off at the Pemros Road roundabout. There is no access from the A38/Tamar Bridge Offices exit (bus lane only) so coaches travel first to St Budeaux (next stop on A38) to access Pemros Road.

If not you will need to travel through St Budeaux to access Pemros Road from the other direction to access the Pemros Road roundabout.


Your interactive Bridging the Tamar visit is just a click away. Contact us to arrange your visit.